Fire Protection Services

For any company, regardless of size, a considerable amount of capital or earnings are tied up in the property. It is essential to protect this investment, not only from the cost point of view but more importantly from the dangers to staff and customers should a fire break out.

Where considerations of public safety and potential losses or disruption of business are concerned you cannot be too careful. This is why you should consider the service Phoenix Green Group has to offer, where the correct balance of quality materials and skilled expertise come together to provide the most cost effective and safety conscience solutions to protect the users and assets in equal measure.

Passive Fire Protection
Phoenix Green Group provide passive Fire Protection services ranging from structural steel board and sprayed applications through to fire stopping service penetrations to partition fire walls and cavity barriers. All installation peratives are certificated for installation with the company being FIRAS accredited. All fire protection system are installed to prevent spread of fire allowing occupants time to escape safely. It is essential that all penetrations are sealed to prevent fire escape through walls ,floors or soffits.

Fire Protection Services Fire Protection Services Fire Protection Services Fire Protection Services